Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lillaro Cafe

Do you love coffee ? I love love love coffee and  I am a coffee addict !!!! Can you imagine i even named my dog Coffee !!!!! Poor him because everytime we mention COFFEE or order coffee in the cafe.....He thought we call him......LOL.......

OK!!! Back to the topic !!!!Today i wanna introduce a cosy coffee house called Lillaro Cafe. I really like this cafe and i am sure i wanna go back again and again !!!!! Here are my photo sharing........

The entrance of Lillaro 

 When i step in, my 1st thought was "so little but so cosy"
I took this pic from 2nd floor
The upper floor is a clothing boutique....

The floral printed jumpsuit
The vintage jacket
The beautiful view of outdoor
The Antique Corner inside

I prefer to sit outside since the weather was perfect and how nice to have a beautiful view when u are having a meal with your friends or your love one..... :D

Small tables and chairs for children !!!!! How thoughtful they are !!!!!! 
By the way, they fit perfectly for My Baby Coffee too...

In case you guys wanna know the location....Here is it .....

Adress: Lillahultsvägen 118, Förslöv