Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Date With Santorini


Picture taken through the window of the cable car

Typical Blue In Santorini

As i was arranging my pictures on my computer today. I found many pictures that i've been taken in  Santorini....It reminded me of my trip to Santorini in 2006. It was like a fairly tale.......Santorini is one of the paradise on earth and it was just magnificent !!!!! 

In 2006, i was working onboard Super Star Libra. The ship was cruising around Mediterranean. And that was my 1st time to Europe....The ship was cruising about 6 countries...Malta, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Egypt and Turkey. Apart from Venice, i like Santorini the most....

Santorini gives me a very deep impression, as the ship approached the port and i saw many white washed churches with the blue dome roofs....those little white cute houses...the view was stunning and magical which made me believe i was in the most beautiful island on earth !!!!

The capital is Fira ! Fira is so special as is uniquely built on steep rocks.....There is many shops and many visitors.....

The breathtaking views of caldera still in my mind till today.....Just Speechless !!!!!

Me and my both Sis Yumi and JooChoo known as Shore leave queens. We were always the 1st who went out for shore....ha!!!!!! We had such a good time together. We've got so many things in common. We love to take pictures. We love to drink coffee. We love to shop. We love to many sweet memories to many nice moments to remember......

Angel, Me, JooChoo and Yumi

The donkey pee pee.....ha!!!!!!

Yumi is enjoying the amazing view

Super Star Libra at the back

We have a date with Santorini ! We want to come back again ! We miss those times ! We enjoy those moments !!!!! 
We're in love....In love with SANTORINI !!!!!!!!!

I Was A Dandelion Child



"The miracles of nature do not seem miracles because they are so common. If no one had ever seen a flower, even a DANDELION would be the most startling event in the world.”

Dandelions in the wood . Taken by me !

Picture taken by Patrik

I love dandelion!!!!! I love their smells and colours...They are so beautifuI. Be honestly, i've never seen a dandelion before until i came to Sweden....Maybe some of you wondered why???? Because dandelions is so commonly seen in some Sweden....But that's true !!! I just got no chance to see them........until someday in Båstad.........

That was a lovely afternoon and i was on my way home from school. Suddenly, A flower caught my was Dandelions .....the beautiful yellow dandelions was growing at the edge of the sidewalk......I decided to pick this flower home and plant them in the containers on my balcony.

Finally, my hands were full of  dandelions and i was so happy......But the weird thing happened !!!!I noticed many peoples looked at me .....they looked so curious about me........well...i thought they like those flowers too.....ha!!!!!!

When i reached home. I showed them to Patrik and told him the "weird story"...He just laughed so hard for so long. He told me no one will pick this flower home for planting...they die to get rid of them, as they spread very fast and regrow at a fast rate too....

Still i like dandelions so much.....they are survivor...they are strong.....

In Sweden a " Dandelion Child " is a child who despite a tough childhood grows up to become a full and positive member of society, much like the dandelion which can blossom from asphalt.

I was a Dandelion Child......i had a difficult childhood...But tough childhood did not stop me for chasing my just make me stronger and stronger.....make me more independent than other kid.........i proud of myself.......i proud of dandelion......I proud of my dad .......i proud of my granny.....

They make me a wonderful dandelion person.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Make Up Fun - The Autumn Colour

I like Autumn...and autumn is arrived. It is so cold in Sweden now...and it was snowing yesterday evening...Autumn colour is so stunning! The leafs have started changing colours into Red....Yellow....Purple.... match the season. And i think i should come out with some colours
to match the season too

Purple, Burgundy and dark brown are such a good fall colours

Autumn in Norway 2008
Did you ever wonder how and why leaves change colours in the fall ?????

Vigeland Sculpture park, Norway 
Photography By Harumi

Photography By Harumi
Photography By Harumi

My Baby Coffee

I love dogs ! I love my Coffee.....I love my Toufu.....Yes ! I am a dog person.....They are such a cutie and intellegent creatures in the world. How can you not love them??????

Coffee is such a cutie. I love him and cannot imagine not having him with me even for a day.. I am so crazy about him.... Patrik used to be a cat person and now turn to be a dog person...... and Coffee means a lot to us because he is our 1st dog......Thank you so much to my sweetheart for giving me a chance to have him in my life...! I love you both !

Kiss Kiss Baby !!!!!

Coffee 1st day home !! Isn't he cute ?

He was curious of my Camera.....ha!!!!

My little Toufu in Macau !!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Make Up Fun - The Modern Geisha

I am a big fan of RED LIPS ! The make up inspired by Memoirs of a Geisha ......... I love the white liner and the red lips combination......they look so good together..........Wouldn't you like to have luscious, sexy red lips? Just try it and you will love it......

When Geisha Gone Wild

Geisha In Osaka
Photography By My Friend - Michael.S

Make Up Fun - The Rainbow In My Eyes

I was sitting beside the window and resting chin on hand.......thinking what should i have for my make up practice......Surprisingly, I saw the rainbow leap with flames of many colours over me.!!!! It was so beautiful.......I ran out of my house with my beloved camera and just click click click!!!!!! After taken few pictures...It Gone!!!! Life is just like a Rainbow......So beautiful!!! So amazing!!!!! So much of surprises....But it's so short .......!!!!!!!!!!! Cherish what we have now or it may disappear like RAINBOW.....



After the Rainbow surprise..It inspired me to do the rainbow make up............I can't be managed to put  7 colours on but i tried my very best to at least used 5 colours....which is Red, Orange, Green, Violet and Yellow..... 

Thanks to the beautiful Rainbow that inspired me !  :P