Monday, June 25, 2012

Piece Of Cake

I love Coffee !!! I drink coffee almost everyday !!!! This post i wanna introduce you a small but cosy cafe i have been to 2 weeks ago called Piece Of Cake.

The cafe is quiet ? No !!! Those customers were sitting in the sun because it was so sunny outside.

One of my fav cookie - Vanilla Heart

This is my 2nd post of a Cafe !!!! My 1st post is HERE

Vattengatan 11,
262 32 Ängelholm,

Have a happy coffee day :D

Xoxo Kelly

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Midsummer Party

Yesterday we went to my parent in law house to celebrate midsummer !!!
It was a lovely party even the weather was not so good because rain kept pouring !!!
But the food was so good !!!

Such a beautiful table setting

And this is our midsummer table

Usually the food at the midsummer is sill, which means herring. The herring is served together with new potatoes boiled with dill, sour cream, and chopped chives.

The main dish is the delicious Salmon 

This is just my starter

My son was really enjoy the party and i was busy to chase him around but i like to see his happy face

Even without alcohol but taste exactly beer !!!! Just cant get drunk !!!! LOL
Oh by the way , we had ice cream and strawberry cake as dessert too but i forgot to take picture!!! :P
Ok !!! That is it for this post !!!! Hope you have a great weekend !!!!

XOXO Kelly

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jumpsuit is Back

Tomorrow is midsummer eve in Sweden and it is also a public holiday !!!!! I think midsummer is a big deal in Sweden as they celebrate the longest day of the year . I will have a traditional Swedish midsummer dinner with my family and friends !!!!!!! Still thinking of what should i wear for tomorrow fest !!!!!  :D

My outfit today is very comfortable and casual black jumpsuit and paired it with a denim jacket. Jumpsuit is back for spring and summer 2012. I guess is one of must have piece in my wardrobe. This is such a nice outfit for me to hang out with my girls friends. What do you think ???

I really love my pink bucket bag from Lancel and my pink ankle boots are adorable too !!!!!

This is not only a tube jumpsuit but also a cross back jumpsuit !!!!! How cool !!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

White Tutu

I like this tutu skirt !!!! It makes me think of Carrie Bradshaw´s from the opening of sex and the city. I was so crazy about this television show.

I adore tutu skirt because it is light and frothy but i think this ensemble is a bit girly for me. So i paired it with a blazer to add a bit menswear feel to balance out the entire look.

Hope you like it !!!!! Have a nice sunday everyone !!!!!!!

H&M blazer 
LINDEX floral sheer top
KappAhl clutch

Thanks for reading !!!!!

XoXo Kelly

Walked Into The Garden

Halo lovelies !!!!! How are you today ??? Today i just stay home and take it easy but I had a nice family day yesterday !!!!! First we went to the toy shop and checked out some kid stuff for my son , then visited the flower shop to get some new plants for our garden !!!!! 

 My son was exciting to see so many flowers . 

 This is such a cute flower  -  Orange black eye

 Hibicus - Malaysia National Flower

 When you see this !!! Means Midsummer is coming soon !!!!

 One of my fav flower -  Digitalis Dalmation White

Everytime i see this flower,  it reminds me of  a song called Lupins ( 魯冰花 )
I still remember the beginning of the song lyric......
天上的星星不说话,地上的娃娃想妈妈。 天上的 眼睛眨呀眨,妈妈的心啊鲁冰 ......

This caught my husband eyes and he bought this !!!!
Pineberry = Pineapple + strawberry

Besides this, we bought some tomato plants, raspberry plant, strawberry plant...............etc. 

We love fruits and how excited to harvest them and eat them fresh right away :D

Xoxo Kelly

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Blue Tulip

I have lived in Sweden almost 3 years but yesterday was the 1st time i cook pasta for my family and surprisingly they like it !!!! Before i came to Sweden, I only know how to cook simple chinese food but when you are here in Sweden as a foreigner. You really need to know how to cook as most of the time we eat at home. And after i became a mother and housewife, i realized my cooking skill is getting a bit better.

Well, cooking is still not completely my thing yet even i love food, maybe i am lucky enough to have so many master chefs surrounding me.

Today outfit is simple but yet elegant . I worn a black sheer top and paired it with blue tulip skirt. The color of the skirt is amazingly pretty and the tiny belt is very cute too .

LINDEX sheer top
H&M tulip skirt
H&M rings and necklace

Bought this shoes in Macau and i like them so much 

Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Romantic Floral Skirt

I received this floral print gathered pleating skirt 1 month ago and i really love it !!! The color and flow of this skirt is so romantic !!! I am a huge fan of maxi skirts and i don even know how many maxi skirts i have in my wardrobe. But this skirt definitely my recent favorite :D

Bullboxer platform

Much Love