Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 1st wedding anniversary !!! Sent my son to my parent in law and went to one of our fav restaurant for dinner then walked down to the beach and had a drink at the bar. I was so excited and i think it is worth to celebrate our very 1st wedding anniversary because we got through one challenging year !!!!! We were from single to married..... from only 2 of us became son is our best gift for sure !! What a one year journey !!!

I bought this dress some time ago from and also my 1st time to had it on. I love the beaded detail to the neckline and the gorgeous ruffle sleeves. It makes a perfect cocktail dress !!!! You gonna check out LIPSY !!!!! LIPSY has many beautiful dresses and i wish i have all of them in my closet :D

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Simply Elegant

Hallo lovelies !!! Just a short post about my little black dress ( LBD ) and Swarovski crystal heels.
Every woman needs a little black dress and my LBD is one of my GO to dress. 

I especially like this LBD because it is so simple but the sleeves are so special. When i have no time to think about what i should wear for a party or dinner !!! This is the dress i grab most of the time. It goes well to most of the shoes i have.

H&M dress
Joy & Peace heels

 This time i paired it with this Swarovski crystal heels. It looks simply elegant !!! Perfect for the dinner date with my husband !!!

And lastly is my make up look !! I used purple and burgundy colors for my eyes and light peach lipstick !!!
My 15 minutes make up and 5 minutes dress up then i ready to go !!!! :D

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stay pretty
xoxo Kelly

Friday, July 20, 2012

Make Up Fun - Summer Fresh 2

Hi !! Miss u all my friends !! It is been 1 week since my last post !!!!! I was so busy for the whole week and it was raining all the time !!! I was not in mood to dress up but next week i need to attend party, dinner and my wedding anniversary !!! So i wish next week i can be more active on my blog :D

Today post is about my make up !!!! Experimenting make up is so much fun and this is created for summer. Very soft make up and i used light blue, gold, lavender and light brown for the eye shadow and light peach for the lips !!! Hope you like this look and my own self portrait  !!!

Stay Pretty 
xoxo Kelly

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Black Lace Top

Today went for shopping with my son !!!! Bought some new summer clothes for him and for myself too !!!!! cant wait to show you what i bought but the weather is still bad !!!!!! Rain.... Rain.... Rain !!!!! I cant take outfit picture ! So sad :(

But i have some old outfit pictures for you today. It is about Lace !!!! Do you like lace ????

I like lace !!!!! And i just so like this black lace top. I bought it sometime ago in Hong Kong.  I can pair with skirts, pants or shorts !!!!  Because it just goes well to anything........

HM skirt 
BIANCO shoes 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Finally Mr Sun is shining again and i pulled out many summer dresses from my wardrobe !! I think this ruffle sleeve dress is cute and sweet for summer !!!!! 

I worn this beautiful floral dress and paired it with the white beaded flats when i went out to do grocery shopping with my son and walked my dog in the park. It looks casual but yet chic and sweet !!! 

I paired it with this lavender high heels sandals when i went out for dinner with my hubby in the evening. It looks so feminine !!!! 

handmade white beaded flats - bought in India 
no brand floral dress - bought in a local store
lavender pep toe heels - Tamaris

Xoxo Kelly

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Make Up Fun - Summer Fresh

My neutral palette is the most important thing for my everyday look, as i think neutral colors suit me well but now is summer !!!!!! I want to have some fresh and sweet colors for this season !!!! This is one of the summer look i created for myself and it is simple and easy to do !!!!!! What do you think ???

eye shadow - yellow & orange 
lipstick and blush - soft pink

Stay Pretty 
xoxo Kelly

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Floral Dress

This dress is one of my fav in my closet !!!!! The color is so summer and so pretty !!! And just in love with the every single detail of it !!!!!

XoXo Kelly

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Make Up Fun - Blue Sapphire

Hallo lovelies !!! How are you today ???? Today i just wanna relax and be lazy at home.  How i wish i could take some new outfit pictures but it is raining so much here in my place and i am so busy recently !!!! 
If you read my previous posts , you know i like to experiment make up and do some self portraits !!! Here are some pic to share !!!! Hope you like  :D

Here is my others make up post if you interested !!!!

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xoxo Kelly