Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Little Obsessed - Rings

I believe every woman has her own little obsession when it comes to accessories !

I guess the top 5 accessories that women like are Jewelry, shoes, sunnies, handbags and watches...Be honestly, I like all of them !

But recently, my little obsessed is rings !!!!!!! And seems i cant get enough of them!!!! Especially fascinated by big rings....

If you like unique big rings, you might want to visit  Etsy.com . There are many amazing ring designs available.....

My fav ring lately is H&M Giant Bow Ring ! I just love it at 1st sight!!!! Maybe it's because of BOW...
I always a bow person!!!!! I like everything about Bows.........From bow headbands, bow belts, bow ear rings, bow necklaces....to bow shoes...........What i can say?? They are just so adorable!!!!!!

How can i not love this gorgeous ring??????

Newly Buy - H&M Insect Ring

So, what is your little obsessed lately?????? 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

No one is perfect... that's why pencils have erasers
This is how my hair soften my square jawline

Recently, I saw many tags going around Youtube called "My Perfect Imperfections"!  It was originally created by Andrea's Choice.  

The premise is to list 3 things you really dislike yourself and 3 things you like yourself !

I thought it was fun !!!!! As we know, no body is perfect and most important thing is we need to accept  imperfections in ourselves or even imperfections in life..........

So let´s start with my Imperfections ( Dislike )

 My height 
I don´t like my height ! I am about 5´2 ft tall and i wish i was taller. I always complain to my dad and blame him for giving me this height. But he just laughs and blames me for not doing enough exercise.
Oh by the way, My dad is tall and i just cant stop complaining and making fun of him  .
 My Face Shape 
I have a square face shape and it's a strong feature for a girl and it´s just not feminine enough ! So i always 
have my long layers hair to soften my square jaw. How i wish i can try Bobs and Bangs but my hair stylish told me that is NO! NO ! NO ! And is always a problem and challenge for me to find a right angle for shooting myself.

My Skin 
I wish i could have silky skin but my skin is not smooth enough ! I try to put so much body lotion but it doesnt help much. I have some pigments on my left hand and some little pimples on my leg too.

Finally i finished complain about myself!!!!! ha!!!!! Now is time to like myself !

What I like or prefer myself are :

My Lips
I proud of my full lip as i have more excuse to buy more lipsticks. Ha!!!!! Well, as i have big face and i think my big lips make it a bit balance....Imagine if i have a thin or small little lips on my big face ? Weird ! I get my lips from my Dad and Granny ! So Thanks to my both loves !

My Eyebrows
I like my eyebrows because i don really need to shape it ! And is so easy for me to define it ! 

My Feet
Pedicure is one of my all time fav treats ! And I like high heels so much ! So I really take care of my feet.
They are sort of smooth and slender....and my shoes size is 5 or 6 ( 36 or 37 )....so i have no problem with buying shoes....not too small and not too big ! just ok for me and match my height...:P

I am sure everybody is beautiful in their own way ! And i guess everyone have their own definition about what beauty is.......Like or dislike...We need to accept ! 

My cute little feet

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Favorite KATE Glam Trick Palettes

There are total 5 different colour collections
But i only have 3 in hand
Which is my Fav 3

I started to use Kate products few years back. The 1st product i purchased from Kate was liquid eyeliner. But today i wanna talk about Glam Trick eyes shadow.

I like Kate Glam Trick eyes shadow because the colours combination all in 1 are awesome! It's good for traveling and good for beginners as there is suggested way how to blend those colours together. It's pigmented and like a cream to powder kind of texture. It's so easy to apply and no fall off. 

Glam Trick eyes shadow can easily create an edge and sexy look. The colours blend fabulously. The Palette contains a total of 5 colours. One light shade, One dark shade, one base colour, one shimmering and one liner.

GD-1 Palette

I use GD-1 almost everyday and i normally just apply the cocoa neutral brown and the peachy pink for daytime look...and i like the gold glitter shade so much as it's easily amp up the nighttime look


BU-1 can easily create an eye catching look for night time!! There is a dark navy with coarse sparkles, a medium bright, a sea-water blue and a light sky blue.

GN-1 Palette
There is silver, mocha green, light green, dark green and white shade

KATE Glam Trick Palettes make a great smokey eyes and the price is reasonable !......If you happen to see them.... Pick them and try them !

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Secret Tattoo


Anchor In The Ocean

Picture Taken By Yumi At Kamari Beach Santorini

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hanging Out With Friends

Photography By Me

This week is my school holiday but the rain continued falling down in the past few days...

But it will not stop me for photographing!  

Hanged out with Harumi the other day in the cottage and we had a good time together . Harumi is Japanese ! her age is as same as mine and we have the same interest.....That's picture taking! She took me a soft and wonderful picture..I just love it !

Invited June to my house today ! We use to hang out after school ! She can cook very delicious Thai food. She like to smile and hang out with her is just full of laugh....She took me some photos today and i like them !

I had such a great time together with June and Harumi !

Here are some photos that we took to each other ! 

Photography By Me

Photography By Me
Photography By Me

Photography By Me

Photography By Me

Photography By Me

Photography By June

Photography By June
Photography By Harumi

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Date With Santorini


Picture taken through the window of the cable car

Typical Blue In Santorini

As i was arranging my pictures on my computer today. I found many pictures that i've been taken in  Santorini....It reminded me of my trip to Santorini in 2006. It was like a fairly tale.......Santorini is one of the paradise on earth and it was just magnificent !!!!! 

In 2006, i was working onboard Super Star Libra. The ship was cruising around Mediterranean. And that was my 1st time to Europe....The ship was cruising about 6 countries...Malta, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Egypt and Turkey. Apart from Venice, i like Santorini the most....

Santorini gives me a very deep impression, as the ship approached the port and i saw many white washed churches with the blue dome roofs....those little white cute houses...the view was stunning and magical which made me believe i was in the most beautiful island on earth !!!!

The capital is Fira ! Fira is so special as is uniquely built on steep rocks.....There is many shops and many visitors.....

The breathtaking views of caldera still in my mind till today.....Just Speechless !!!!!

Me and my both Sis Yumi and JooChoo known as Shore leave queens. We were always the 1st who went out for shore....ha!!!!!! We had such a good time together. We've got so many things in common. We love to take pictures. We love to drink coffee. We love to shop. We love to joke.....so many sweet memories to recall.....so many nice moments to remember......

Angel, Me, JooChoo and Yumi

The donkey pee pee.....ha!!!!!!

Yumi is enjoying the amazing view

Super Star Libra at the back

We have a date with Santorini ! We want to come back again ! We miss those times ! We enjoy those moments !!!!! 
We're in love....In love with SANTORINI !!!!!!!!!