Thursday, May 31, 2012

Make Up Fun - Double Wing Eyeliner

I always like playing with make up !!! Make up is so fun in many ways! Make up is an art ! Make up is so inspiring !!!! Make up can be so fun that you can't imagine !
How nice to see the final look that i created by myself .
This make up look is one of my fav !!!! I really like the double wing eyeliner.  
What do you think ????

Thanks for reading !!!!!
xoxo Kelly

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chilling Day

Sweden weather is unpredictable !!! It was nice sunny warm day during the last few weeks but this week is quite chilling !!!! So i am gonna pull out my sweater again. This green mint sweater is one of my fav in this season and it looks so simple but chic paired it with this floral short.

A simple look in the chilling day !!!!! hope you like it !!!! Have a nice day everyone !!!!!

LINDEX sweater
H&M floral short
H&M owl necklace

Monday, May 21, 2012

When Maxi Skirt As A Dress

I have fallen in love with maxi skirts and maxi dresses since age ago!!! Especially like to wear them in the summer time, they are such a summer life saver for me !!!! I feel so ethereal & feminine when i wear them.

I have the same pleated maxi skirt in yellow color which i worn in the previous post HERE. So i decided turn this purple maxi skirt into maxi dress. And i kind of like the result!! I like both colors. They are just so lovely !!

ROMWE high heeled sandals
MANGO pink blazer
LANCEL bucket bag

Thanks for stopping by here and wish you a lovely monday
xoxo Kelly

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Friday Lunch

Today i was invited to my friend house for lunch. She cooked very delicious thai food. There was another 2 girl friends went there for lunch too. I really in love with Thai food because i like spicy food.  I wish she can invite me for lunch everyday. Hahaha!!!!! Just kidding!!!! This is impossible !!!!! As usual, we had much ladies talk. We talked about clothes, shoes, make up, skin care, man, woman....etc......What a nice friday lunch !!!!! Hope you have a lovely friday too !!!

The necklace makes a beautiful reflex of the sky

Arent they pretty!

Ã…HLENS necklace
H&M jacket
Zara peep toe pumps

Thanks for reading and i off to bed now !!!!! Good night lovelies !!!!!

xoxo Kelly