Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Woodland

Hi everyone !!! Have you ever tried to pick wild mushrooms in the wood? Mushroom hunting is a wonderful activity to enjoy with the family or friends. It is raining a lot recently and this wet weather is promising a bumper harvest of mushrooms. 

I am not a a mushroom expert but i have always looked to my parent in law for guidance in these matter. We used to bring some foods or snacks for picnicking in the wood after the mushroom picking. 

I really enjoy spending time to do this with my family especially my son. I enjoy to see him running around and exploring in the wood despite some of those poisonous mushrooms. He grows way too fast, i just want to cherish and enjoy the moment with him.

Have a wonderful day !!!!!

This is the outfit i worn to work yesterday !!!! Hope you like it !!!!! 

 ZARA sweatshirt and skirt ( get it here ), 3.1 PHILIP LIM pashli satchel

The little explorer in the wood 

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rainy Oslo Trip

Hi everyone !!!! I am back !!!! My trip finally ended and gonna back to reality now. Do you ever plan something really perfect in your head and get so happy, but then do no turn out the way you expected?

My trip did not turn out as i expected because it was raining my whole entire trip but i still happy to have some relax time with my husband.

Keep Smiling and Keep Shinning !!!!!

Outside the parliament building

ROMWE cape ( get it here ), SO CHIC sweatshirt, ZARA jeans, LV bag

Having coffee break while hiding the rain in this cafe

stainless steel bicycle racks

One of the coolest building - DNB Headquarters C building

cloud lamp in the house

Oslo Opera House

She Lies - the interesting looking floating sculpture made of stainless steel and glass

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mini Cruise Break

Hi everyone !!!! I am going to Oslo with my hubby for a mini cruise break tomorrow. Even it is just a mini holiday but I am so excited to be in Oslo again because i like this city a lot.

I was working on the cruise ship before and sometimes i miss the ship life. I visited so many beautiful places during that time. From exotic asia to the sunny mediterranean....... That was such a wonderful journey. I am grateful for the experiences and the relationships that the ship brought to me.

Have a wonderful sunday !!!!!

ZARA dress, TIGER OF SWEDEN boots, WERA fedora hat, 3.1PHILIP LIM bag

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What More Could A Girl Want

Attended event 2 months ago. I got a goodie bag filled with treats from their sponsors and a free pair of shoes. I chose these white lil pretty over other heels and boots at the event.

What more could a girl want ????? A lot of free shoes and bags maybe.......or receive a goodie bag everyday?

If you still remember the heels i worn on my previous post. Yes!!!! They are the same design but in different colors. I like both shades !!!!! But which colors you prefer ???

ZARA knitwear ( get it here ) and skort, NELLY heels ( get it here ), ALEXANDER WANG emile bag 

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sun Set Orange

Hi everyone !! Just a quick hi to you !!!  Not feeling well and off to bed soon.......
But would like to show this one shoulder ruffle dress that i worn few days ago for dinner date.

Have a nice day !

MANGO dress, NELLY heels ( get it here )

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Peek A Boo

I am so into cutouts trend recently (also called the “peek-a-boo” trend). It is clear that the cutout is having its sexy little moment come autumn. I succumbed to this temptation and finally found this booties and skirt.

Do you like this trend ?

Have a nice day !

ZARA sweatshirt ( get it here ) and skirt ( get it here ), TIGER OF SWEDEN booties ( get it here ),  3.1 PHILIP LIM bag

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