Thursday, September 29, 2011

A letter to Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

How can i explain my feeling now ???? I feel so sad that you passed away !!!! When i received this sad news i really shocked. I have to tell you that i am so sorry because i am not able to go back for your funeral.

When i was a little kid i remember how much i scared of you and how difficult to talk to you because i hardly see you smile and you looked fierce all the time. I thought you did not like me!!!! When i was a teenage girl i realized that you were not the person i thought you were......You started to treat me more friendly. I remember that time you were a taxi driver and i always got a free ride home if i happened to see you in town. We started to talk in the taxi and that was the 1st time i felt you were a friendly grandpa.....

Although we did not spend much time together but i will never forget the memories you gave me !!!! May you rest in peace !!!!!

I just realized this is the only photo we took together 

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Goodies for Autumn

I like high heel boots but now wedge boots are more comfortable for me 
when i go out with my baby, at least i still look chic.

It been a long time from last time i went for shopping. Few months back when i was still carrying my son, i really don have mood to shop because i don like those preggy clothes and seems no stylish clothes can fit me well. My shopping nerve is calling me again after my childbirth!!!! Even my body is not getting back in shape yet but Shopping makes me happy and i finally can buy something that i LIKE.

Here are some goodies i got after my son was born !!!!! I felt happy i got some new kicks for the coming fall ......

I never get bored of sweaters. I wish i could get more in different colors especially Burgundy. 
The necklace was in sales and i happy i found the last piece.
My very 1st piece of sweater skirt ( Knitted Skirt )

 As most of the peoples know sweater in the fall, a silk blouse in the spring, a cotton tee in summer.
But for me..Silk blouse can be GO TO outfit for fall...

New Season !!!!! New wardrobe !!!!!!!! Have you doing some new season shopping yet????