Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hi Malaysia !!!!

Finally i have time to update my blog !!!! Backed to Malaysia almost 10 days and i was so busy !!!!
Malaysia is so hot even it rains almost everyday in the evening. But i am so happy to see my family!!

The 1st time flying with my son was to Stockholm and it was ok but this time was almost 16 hours from Denmark to Malaysia. We were exhausted !!!

Anyway !!!! I am happy to be home !!!!

Happy Saturday !!!!

ROMWE skirt
H&M blouse
MANGO clutch
NELLY shoes

XOXO Kelly

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Begins With A Snowy Day

Today is such a beautiful day. I was waking up to a light snowfall sunday. My son was so excited !!!! He knew there was something different outside the window. It reminded me the 1st time ever  i saw snow. I was so excited and so happy !!!!!

Besides, today is the 1st sunday of December and so to opening the 1st door of the advent calendars. Although it was - 6°c outside but  there really is no excuses not to go out to play a bit with my son and  visit my friend for steamboat. I like to eat steamboat especially in the winter time.

Happy 1st Advent and happy snowy sunday to UUUUU .........

My friend´s very cosy house
Lighted up the 1st candle on Advent sunday

A cup of mulled wine . We called  Glögg in Sweden

Glögg is a traditional drink during winter especially x-mas,.
And eat the gingerbread with camembert cheese is just so tasty.....
Thanks for reading