Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Little Obsessed - Rings

I believe every woman has her own little obsession when it comes to accessories !

I guess the top 5 accessories that women like are Jewelry, shoes, sunnies, handbags and watches...Be honestly, I like all of them !

But recently, my little obsessed is rings !!!!!!! And seems i cant get enough of them!!!! Especially fascinated by big rings....

If you like unique big rings, you might want to visit  Etsy.com . There are many amazing ring designs available.....

My fav ring lately is H&M Giant Bow Ring ! I just love it at 1st sight!!!! Maybe it's because of BOW...
I always a bow person!!!!! I like everything about Bows.........From bow headbands, bow belts, bow ear rings, bow necklaces....to bow shoes...........What i can say?? They are just so adorable!!!!!!

How can i not love this gorgeous ring??????

Newly Buy - H&M Insect Ring

So, what is your little obsessed lately?????? 

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  1. You are so beautiful. I am missing you. I am waiting when you come beck. Kisses. Ewa