Monday, December 19, 2011

My Cutie Pie - Part 1

Time flies so fast !! Kyan is 4 months old now. I still remember the day i gave birth. I was 2 days overdue and all i can say is just pain pain pain !!!!!! After 24 hrs contraction,  Kyan was born. He weighed 3255g  
( 7 lbs 2.82 oz )

I miss those time when Kyan was still inside my belly. The feeling was so amazing especially when he was moving or kicking!!!! I am enjoying motherhood even i feel tired and frustrated sometimes but being a mother, is Challenges and Blessings.

Seeing how my baby was growing week by week during my pregnancy is excited. Seeing how my baby is growing day by day now is full of happiness.

Actually he is sleeping in my arm now when i am blogging. I can't stop looking at him. He looks so cute even sleeping. Those eyebrows, nose, lips, ears, hands and his little tiny baby feet. Oh my god!!!! So adorable! I am not a crazy mom. I am just a mom who loves her son so much...LOL

4 months old Kyan

2 months old Kyan

2 months old Kyan

1 months old Kyan


  1. Hi Kelly,

    Your cutie pie is really cute and the photos are awesome.

    Shirley Chang