Friday, March 16, 2012

Friends visit 2009

After Yumi and her 2 sisters visit. It reminds me of my bestie Annie.  In Aug 2009, i moved to Sweden and she was the 1st friend who visited me in Sweden. I was so excited !!!! I cant imagine she came to visit me so fast, just 2 months after i moved here.....hahaha!!!!! She must miss me a lots at that time.........

I looked back all our old photos and i decided to blog about our sweet time in Sweden and Denmark. 

 The 1st day she arrived in Båstad, Sweden.

In Halmstad, Sweden

We took so many pictures and we couldnt wait to see them :P

Journey the popular shopping area in Copenhagen-Stroget

Catwalk in front of the City Hall 

We found a cosy sidewalk cafe alongside the padestrian street

Pre world cup Sweden vs Denmark.....10 0ct 2009 in Denmark

We were Swedish supporter!!!! We bet Sweden.........but we lost!!!!Result 1:0

I really had a good time with you Annie !!! This is specially dedicated to you !!!!!

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