Friday, May 18, 2012

The Friday Lunch

Today i was invited to my friend house for lunch. She cooked very delicious thai food. There was another 2 girl friends went there for lunch too. I really in love with Thai food because i like spicy food.  I wish she can invite me for lunch everyday. Hahaha!!!!! Just kidding!!!! This is impossible !!!!! As usual, we had much ladies talk. We talked about clothes, shoes, make up, skin care, man, woman....etc......What a nice friday lunch !!!!! Hope you have a lovely friday too !!!

The necklace makes a beautiful reflex of the sky

Arent they pretty!

ÅHLENS necklace
H&M jacket
Zara peep toe pumps

Thanks for reading and i off to bed now !!!!! Good night lovelies !!!!!

xoxo Kelly


  1. this look is just perfect!!! i LOVE the color of your toe nails too :) and thanks so much dear :)