Saturday, June 16, 2012

Walked Into The Garden

Halo lovelies !!!!! How are you today ??? Today i just stay home and take it easy but I had a nice family day yesterday !!!!! First we went to the toy shop and checked out some kid stuff for my son , then visited the flower shop to get some new plants for our garden !!!!! 

 My son was exciting to see so many flowers . 

 This is such a cute flower  -  Orange black eye

 Hibicus - Malaysia National Flower

 When you see this !!! Means Midsummer is coming soon !!!!

 One of my fav flower -  Digitalis Dalmation White

Everytime i see this flower,  it reminds me of  a song called Lupins ( 魯冰花 )
I still remember the beginning of the song lyric......
天上的星星不说话,地上的娃娃想妈妈。 天上的 眼睛眨呀眨,妈妈的心啊鲁冰 ......

This caught my husband eyes and he bought this !!!!
Pineberry = Pineapple + strawberry

Besides this, we bought some tomato plants, raspberry plant, strawberry plant...............etc. 

We love fruits and how excited to harvest them and eat them fresh right away :D

Xoxo Kelly


  1. love it!

  2. beautiful pictures! and great blog :D

  3. I really like gardening, this year I've got my first strawberries :) So cute! Beautiful pics!