Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our 2nd Swedish Wedding Anniversary

 Yesterday was a special day for me because it was my Swedish wedding anniversary. Let my son slept over at my parent in law house and went out with my hubby. We went to the movies and watch the World War Z ( 3D ). Then we had dinner in the Japanese restaurant. Sound so simple but it means so much to me because since my son was born, we hardly have time to go out only both of us. I am not complaining and you cant imagine how happy we have him in our family. The fun part was, we kept taking about him in our whole dating night.

H&M blouse, ZARA jeans, STARS BY JONAS HALLBERG pumps, ALEXANDER WANG emelie pebble bag

By the way, this handmade glass apple pendant was the 1st gift that my hubby gave me when i 1st visit Sweden. Isnt this cute?

It was our wedding day 2 years ago. My son was 8 months in my belly to witness our love !

Have a nice weekend !!!


  1. Lovely blog! )
    I love your shoes :)
    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :)

  2. Congrats, good anniversary!
    Love yr floral blouse,

  3. I love your floral.
    I your husband and you look adorable, congratulation

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  4. such pretty pictures and you!
    just love your blog.

    Maybe you have time to check my new post.
    Following you..hope you'll do the same :)
    Surabhi :)

  5. so sweet..!! hope you have a happy marriage and long lasting..

    Btw I love your shoes..!!


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    My Journey
    mdayomi Bloglovin

  6. So beautiful look!! I love your blouse! :) Congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding!!

    I follow you blog, I hope you follow me back, thanks!

    -Alexander and Elena

  7. Happy aniverssary!You look so beautiful!

  8. Happy belated anniversary to you! You look lovely in the floral blouse and the love apple is too cute. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. beautiful!!

  10. So happy you two got to spend time together and you looked really pretty!

    Have a fantastic day,

  11. You were such a beautiful bride! Gosh, I love your dress and headpiece. You looked radiant! Glad you two had a great anniversary. You did some fun things! I love that top you're wearing. So pretty.

  12. You are so pretty! Love your top. And love the apple pendant, that is so sweet. You were a gorgeous bride! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. Congratulations on your anniversary sweety! Love your pretty floral blouse. You look so beautiful in the last image.