Friday, October 4, 2013


I just realized that it is october !!!!! Why does time go faster as i get older ??? 

Mentioned about october, do you know what is the birthstone of october??? 
October has two birthstones – opal and tourmaline. 
I knew this because i really like them both especially tourmaline.

And by the way, today is Cinnamon roll day in Sweden ( kanelbullens dag )
The idea behind the creation of the day was to celebrate Sweden's home baking tradition by highlighting a traditional and much-loved pastry. The autumn harvest is high season for baking in Swedish homes, so it was an ideal time of the year for a festive day with a baking theme.

I ate 4 cinnamon rolls today and i felt a bit guilty because this should be avoid when someone ( me ) on a diet. LOL......

Happy Cinnamon Roll Day !!!!!!!!! 

ZARA jeans, 3.1 PHILIP LIM bag

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  1. I love the color blue in your oufit, you look wonderful!! :)
    thanks for stopping by :D i'm following you now! :) love your style!

  2. Amazing blue boots) Love your style))

    Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

  3. Time is flying like crazy!!! U look gorgeous Kelly! X

  4. ur so pretty.. Love your boots! :D
    Thank you for ur lovely comment on my new hairstyle post..
    I was very nervous as to how they'd look so I asked the hairdresser to cut it cm-by-cm :P it was worth it.. hehe .. You can also get it.. get them long.. like just below eyebrows and medium thick.. you;ll look great :)


  5. Thank you for commenting my blog.
    Love your bag and shoes

    Ichi and Pristan


  6. ♥ BEAUTIFUL, i love this outfit. You look awesome!
    following you now via GFC, beautiful girl :*

  7. Love this look with the blue sweater and shoes!

  8. such a lovely look! that sweater is perfect! and your shoes are amazing :)

  9. Love this fabulously chic sweater, looks great hun!

  10. what a GORGEOUS sweater! those colors are so pretty. love your sunnies too! i love a good cinnamon roll too! enjoy :D

  11. Love ur sunnies & top! Ooh never knew abt Cinnamon roll days haha they are super yummy that's for sure!

  12. Love your striped sweater. You look so pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. great sweater & boots! u look great! love cinnamon rolls!! i bake them occasionally as they aren't popular in hk :(


  14. Gosh, you are reading my thoughts!
    I never know where the time goes, so many things to do...
    You look gorgeous as always though!!
    Love the pops of blue!

  15. true...time goes faster when we get older!! :'(