Thursday, January 23, 2014

Never Enough

I worked far away from home for so many years and i took spending time with my family for granted. After i moved to Sweden and have my own family, i realized that spending time with family is a blessing. Even though just stay home and watch Tv with them just make me so happy and relax.

Besides spending time with family, i really can't get enough of Malaysian food. Yesterday, my dad brought us to eat Bak Kut Teh ( Meat Bone Tea ). My gosh !!!!! so so yummy !!!! Now, i am craving for Hae Mee ( also called prawn mee ). Does anyone know where can i find the best Hae mee in Ipoh ?

Have a nice day !!!!!

H&M blouse, LINDEX jeans, NOSE clutch

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  1. I love such days when I can just saty at home doing whatever:))) It's just awesome!
    I've got to say you have wonderful taste in clothes, I do like this outfit of you! Looks great;)

  2. Love your printed top and lip color! Gorgeous!

    xo Jess