Monday, November 22, 2010

My Favorite KATE Glam Trick Palettes

There are total 5 different colour collections
But i only have 3 in hand
Which is my Fav 3

I started to use Kate products few years back. The 1st product i purchased from Kate was liquid eyeliner. But today i wanna talk about Glam Trick eyes shadow.

I like Kate Glam Trick eyes shadow because the colours combination all in 1 are awesome! It's good for traveling and good for beginners as there is suggested way how to blend those colours together. It's pigmented and like a cream to powder kind of texture. It's so easy to apply and no fall off. 

Glam Trick eyes shadow can easily create an edge and sexy look. The colours blend fabulously. The Palette contains a total of 5 colours. One light shade, One dark shade, one base colour, one shimmering and one liner.

GD-1 Palette

I use GD-1 almost everyday and i normally just apply the cocoa neutral brown and the peachy pink for daytime look...and i like the gold glitter shade so much as it's easily amp up the nighttime look


BU-1 can easily create an eye catching look for night time!! There is a dark navy with coarse sparkles, a medium bright, a sea-water blue and a light sky blue.

GN-1 Palette
There is silver, mocha green, light green, dark green and white shade

KATE Glam Trick Palettes make a great smokey eyes and the price is reasonable !......If you happen to see them.... Pick them and try them !

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