Friday, June 24, 2011

Makes Water Less Boring !!!!!!

Be honestly, i think plain flat water is so boring ! But then it is so important to us ! We need water everyday to ensure we are hydrated and healthy.

Most of us know that drinking a healthy amount of water make good effect on our skin. Water is really one of the best tools to moisturize from the inside out and clear up our skin. 

I am plagued by dryness now and i need more water to cope with the demands of my changing body during my pregnancy. So, i found an enjoyable way to make sure i am getting enough water everyday.

In the beginning, i only add lemon and mint leaves in water. It makes the taste better and makes me wanna drink more. It is so refreshing. But now i like to add cucumber also....Sometimes slices of watermelon...

Actually is really up to you !!!! There is many options! I even put basil leaves in water....This is how we can jazz up water in simple way.

Try it ! It is so easy !!! And of course enjoy the drink ! 

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