Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Date With Santorini


Picture taken through the window of the cable car

Typical Blue In Santorini

As i was arranging my pictures on my computer today. I found many pictures that i've been taken in  Santorini....It reminded me of my trip to Santorini in 2006. It was like a fairly tale.......Santorini is one of the paradise on earth and it was just magnificent !!!!! 

In 2006, i was working onboard Super Star Libra. The ship was cruising around Mediterranean. And that was my 1st time to Europe....The ship was cruising about 6 countries...Malta, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Egypt and Turkey. Apart from Venice, i like Santorini the most....

Santorini gives me a very deep impression, as the ship approached the port and i saw many white washed churches with the blue dome roofs....those little white cute houses...the view was stunning and magical which made me believe i was in the most beautiful island on earth !!!!

The capital is Fira ! Fira is so special as is uniquely built on steep rocks.....There is many shops and many visitors.....

The breathtaking views of caldera still in my mind till today.....Just Speechless !!!!!

Me and my both Sis Yumi and JooChoo known as Shore leave queens. We were always the 1st who went out for shore....ha!!!!!! We had such a good time together. We've got so many things in common. We love to take pictures. We love to drink coffee. We love to shop. We love to many sweet memories to many nice moments to remember......

Angel, Me, JooChoo and Yumi

The donkey pee pee.....ha!!!!!!

Yumi is enjoying the amazing view

Super Star Libra at the back

We have a date with Santorini ! We want to come back again ! We miss those times ! We enjoy those moments !!!!! 
We're in love....In love with SANTORINI !!!!!!!!!

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  1. Such a amazing memory........that was one of the most Country and place that I wished to visit since as a child....finally I stepped on and can't imagine that my dream came true! And lucky that I am with all my fun friends around and explore the beauty of Santorini!!! Thank you for your company!