Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Baby Coffee

I love dogs ! I love my Coffee.....I love my Toufu.....Yes ! I am a dog person.....They are such a cutie and intellegent creatures in the world. How can you not love them??????

Coffee is such a cutie. I love him and cannot imagine not having him with me even for a day.. I am so crazy about him.... Patrik used to be a cat person and now turn to be a dog person...... and Coffee means a lot to us because he is our 1st dog......Thank you so much to my sweetheart for giving me a chance to have him in my life...! I love you both !

Kiss Kiss Baby !!!!!

Coffee 1st day home !! Isn't he cute ?

He was curious of my Camera.....ha!!!!

My little Toufu in Macau !!!

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